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Round neck long vest RM65 Elise plaid tops RM52

RM 52.00
Round neck long vest RM65 Elise plaid tops RM52 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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Round neck long vest RM65
Elise plaid tops RM52
One set RM115
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π“‚‹ one size
Top is oversized fit until 2XL
Vest is long style, fit until XL

π“‚‹ measurement for tops
Bust 122
Sleeve length 59
Shoulder width 50
Shirt length 79

π“‚‹ measurement for vest
Bust 115
Shoulder width 40
Shirt length 79

π“‚‹ material
Cotton mix fabric plaid top
Vest is made of acrylic fabric

Our garment photos are 100% authentic in-studio photos, please beware of photo stealers and do not fall victim to low-price products with the same photos. Our garments' price is worth the effort poured into our creations.

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