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Nice day outfit [2] white beige

RM 94.00
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This set includes the jacket and jeans. You can choose the color that you'd like!
Item pairing suggestion — 

aika round neck stripes shirt
funky oval sling

— Patch cotton loose retro jacket
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π“‚‹ size
S: shirt length front/back 61/65
shoulder width 69
bust 132
sleeve 37

M: shirt length front/back 62/66
shoulder width 70
bust 136
sleeve 38

L: shirt length front/back 63/67
shoulder width 71
bust 140
sleeve 39

π“‚‹ material
cotton blended fabric

— Neutrals straight cut jeans with belt
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π“‚‹ size
S to 2XL
Measurements in the last slide

π“‚‹ material
denim cotton fabric, the retention is good, and it is not easy to deform.

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